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Phone Camera

An introduction to Hunter and his work with the
"Awana Tennessee Network"

A Conversation on the "Together We Move" Method for Sparks

Featuring: Jamie Root 

"Calling All Leaders!": A conversation on recruiting leaders
Featuring: David Roach

"Let's Talk": How to Use the Gospel Wheel in a Conversational Way

(Featuring: Cindy Vesperman)

Incentives: Tips and Ideas to Keep Your Kids Motivated and Engaged

(Featuring: Timothy Bennett)

"Seeing the Need: The Power of Belonging" Online Event

Retention: How to Retain Volunteers and Keep the Vision Alive

(featuring: Joel Easling)

Community: The Power of Connecting with Other Leaders

(featuring: Zach Wyatt)

Youth Ministry in the Age of Change

(Recording of Live Event)

Leader Care: How to Fire Leaders Up Without Burning Them Out

(featuring: Chris Mikesh)

Discipline: Understanding Bad Behavior and How to Respond

(featuring: Brian Bixel)

Awana Clubs in a Small Church

(featuring: Bill Gunter)

"Getting to Jesus": How Awana US Latino Helps Churches Fulfill the Great Commission

(featuring: Abel Lopez)

Kingdom Disciples: Living Transformed Lives Surrendered to the King

(feat. Samuel Porcha')

Call For All: The Urgent Call to Serve Those with Special Needs and Disabilities

(feat. Lisa Mattheiss)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Awana?)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Puggles?)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Sparks?)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Trek?)

Awana in a Minute

(Vision & Mission)

Awana in a Minute

(Game Director)

Awana in a Minute


Question & Answer

("Honest Evaluation")

Question & Answer

("Strong Start, Good Race")

Co-Laborers: Seeing Children the Way God Sees Them
(Sermon by Hunter Williams)

Question & Answer

("How Do You Run a Kid's Ministry?")

Resilient in the Desert: How to Follow Christ No Matter What

(Live Recording from One Accord Community Church)

God in the Whirlwind: A Story of Resilience in the midst of Chaos

(feat. Aaron Arnold)

Awana Store! (Video Training)

(by Hunter Williams)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Awana Clubs?)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Cubbies?)

Awana in a Minute

(What is T&T?)

Awana in a Minute

(What is Journey?)

Awana "How To.."

How to Find and Download Resources on Awana's Website

"No More Leftovers"

(by Hunter Williams)

Awana in a Minute

(Awana Ministry Director)

Question & Answer

("How to Help Your Leaders Grow in their Competencies")

Question & Answer

("How Do You Grow Spiritually?")

Question & Answer
("What are the Roles of Children's Ministry Leaders?")

Question & Answer

("Do You Have Any Tips for Small Group Leaders?"

"Your Labor is Not in Vain"

(Sermon Clip)

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