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Here is a list of trainings currently available. Each training can be adapted to fit the needs of your church or group. 

If you would like to host one these training events or have any questions, you can send a message to



Worldview Claw Machine

What is a worldview and why does it matter? In this unique training, we will answer these questions and more as we uncover the common beliefs of our culture and the impact it is having on our generation.


Good News Storyboard

Christians are called to share the Gospel, but how do we do so with clarity and focus? In this training, you will discover the power of stories and how the good news story of the Gospel makes sense of our own.

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ABC's of Family Discipleship

Let's be honest, discipling our families can be hard, but it's not impossible. In this training, you will be given a deeply biblical and highly practical look at family discipleship and framework that can make pointing your family to Christ as easy as "A.B.C."


Small Group in the Rapids

Leading a children's small group (or adult small group) can feel a bit like navigating through raging waters. In this training, you will be given a solid framework and tips to maneuver through the rapids of small group.

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Paperback, Blockbuster, &Vinyl

Is midweek ministry still effective? Is it outdated? Whether you have dropped midweek or are considering dropping it, this fun training will help you evaluate your metrics of success and the value midweek ministry can bring to your church.

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Resilient Child Discipleship

The culture is rapidly changing, and it is having a profound impact on our kids. Who are they becoming? In whose image are they being formed? In this training, your team will be given insight and tools to navigate the cultural landscape and form resilient child disciples who will follow Jesus no matter what.


Declining or Thriving?

According to research, the American church is in decline. What is happening? In this training, we will look at some reasons for this decline and what the Bible has to say about churches that thrive.

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