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COVID-19 Resources


This booklet takes an in-depth look at the various methods and strategies your Awana Ministry could adopt to effectively reach kids with the gospel and make resilient disciples. Learn tips and helps for in-person ministry, virtual ministry, a hybrid of the two and more! 


You can scroll and read this playbook on our website or click the arrows for options to print and download it for free!

Articles & Blogs

Take some time and read through these articles and blogs written by Hunter Williams and other staff members at Awana. They are full of encouragement and thoughtful tips as you seek to run your ministries in these unique times.

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No matter what... our call to child discipleship still stands.

In this webinar, Awana missionaries share 4 ways to run ministries in light of Covid-19. 

  1. Virtual - an online space for your Awana Club.

  2. Socially Distanced - in person Awana, but using safety measures.

  3. Hybrid - a mix of in-person and virtual.

  4. At Home - empowering parents and caregivers to continue Awana at Home with support from the church.

Enjoy the recording of this live event! Be sure to take notes and send us any questions or comments from the training.

Awana Clubs in the New Normal

This live event was brought to us by Matt Markins, Valerie Bell, and other Awana staff. This event looked at the philosophy that drives us to keep moving forward as well as some quick tips for running club in the "new normal."

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